Egnatia Street, Thessaloniki

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Egnatia Street
Οδός Εγνατία
Egnatia/Iasonidou Junction
NamesakeVia Egnatia
OwnerMunicipality of Thessaloniki
Length3 km (2 mi)
LocationThessaloniki, Macedonia, Greece
FromDemokratias Square (Vardari)
ToLysimachou Kaftanzoglou St.

Egnatia Street (Greek: Οδός Εγνατίας) is the main commercial street in downtown Thessaloniki. The road is named for the Roman-era Via Egnatia which passed near the city. Lined with shops and office buildings, it is one of the busiest streets of Thessaloniki.


Coordinates: 40°38′00″N 22°56′57″E / 40.6333°N 22.9491°E / 40.6333; 22.9491