Ego Is the Enemy

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Ego Is the Enemy
Ego Is the Enemy.jpg
AuthorRyan Holiday
CountryUnited States
SubjectLeadership, personal development, business management, ambition
GenreNon-fiction, motivational essays
PublisherPortfolio, Penguin
Publication date
June 14, 2016
Media typePrint (hardcover), ebook
LC ClassBJ1474.H635 2016
Preceded byThe Obstacle Is the Way

Ego Is the Enemy is the fourth book by author Ryan Holiday, published on June 14, 2016.[1][2] It is about the treacherous nature of ego.[3][4]


Having previously written about external obstacles in his book The Obstacle Is the Way, Holiday sought to answer questions about what to do when the biggest obstacle is internal.[5] In the prologue of the book, Holiday explains how finding early successes led him to the realization that ego can cloud ambition and hinder personal and professional growth, particularly when accomplishments are tied to self-worth.[6]

Holiday had the title of his book tattooed on his forearm as a daily reminder of its message.[7]


Ego Is the Enemy puts forth the argument that often our biggest problems are not caused by external factors such as other people or circumstances. Instead, our problems stem from our own attitude, selfishness and self-absorption. In other words, introducing ego into a situation often prevents us from being rational, objective and clear headed.[8]

The book does not discuss Freud's ego or egotism as a clinical term but rather ego in a colloquial sense, defined as "an unhealthy belief in your own importance."[9] The book also discusses the difference between ego and confidence, and argues that the solution to the problem of ego is humility, self-awareness, purpose and realism.[5][10][5][11]

Ego Is the Enemy provides both cautionary tales as well as positive anecdotes about ego, citing numerous historical and contemporary figures including Christopher McCandless, George Marshall, John DeLorean, Larry Page, Paul Graham, Steve Jobs and William Tecumseh Sherman.[5][6][12][13]


Ego Is the Enemy has received generally positive reviews, with Outside Magazine commenting, "Holiday takes philosophy out of the ivory towers and translates often-dense concepts into actionable insights."[14][15] The book was featured in the NPR Book Concierge Guide To 2016’s Great Reads.[16]

In the weeks after its release, the book was listed by Inc. as one of the must-read business books that summer.[17] The book went on to achieve bestseller status lists by USA Today, Chicago Tribune, and Publishers Weekly.[18][19][20]


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