Ego Lemos

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Ego Lemos
Born 1972
Genres folk
Instruments vocals, guitar, harmonica
Labels Skinnyfish

Ego Lemos is a permaculturist[1] and singer-songwriter from East Timor[2] who sings in his native tongue, Tetum.[3] His song "Balibo" (featured in the 2009 film Balibo) was awarded best original song composed for the screen at the 2009 Screen Music Awards[4] and a 2009 APRA Award for best song in a film.[5] His debut solo album, produced by Michael Hohnen, was released in 2009.[6] Lemos also plays with the popular East Timorese band Cinco do Oriente,[7] a band named after a band that existed before the 1975 Indonesian invasion of East Timor.[8]


  • O Hele Le (2009) - Skinnyfish Music[9][10]


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