Egoku Domyo

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Egoku Dōmyō
Religion Zen Buddhism
School Ōbaku
Nationality Japanese
Born 1632
Died 1721
Senior posting
Title Priest

Egoku Dōmyō (1632–1721) was an Ōbaku priest, ordained at the age of nine into the Rinzai sect. In 1650 he met Tao-che—the Abbot of Sofuku-ji—in Nagasaki, Japan and subsequently joined his temple. Later he joined the assembly at Mampuku-ji in 1663, following the death of Tao-che. There he trained under his master's teacher Yin-Yuan and his disciple, Mu-an. He was ordained an Obaku monk in 1665 at the temple, receiving inka from Mu-an—Mu-an's second Dharma transmission. He founded and/or restored some twelve temples after receiving inka, and in 1687 served as Abbot at Zuisho-ji. He made forty-two Dharma heirs during his life.[1][2]


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