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Egotheism or Autotheism is the deification or worship of the self.[1][2] Critics of Johann Gottlieb Fichte and Ralph Waldo Emerson used the terms to label their idea of Transcendentalism.[3][4][5][6] Autolatry is another synonym with the same definition[7] which was also used to label the philosophies of Stirner[8][9][10] and Nietzsche.[11]

Ancient religions[edit]

Several Egyptian kings declared themselves gods during their reign.[12] Identification of the atman (self) with Brahman is a tenet of some sects of Hinduism. In Jainism, one who extinguishes all of their karmas becomes a tirthankara with godlike knowledge and powers.[13]

Modern religions[edit]

Contemporary individuals who have declared themselves to be deities include Father Divine and Jim Jones.[14] Mormonism is a religion that teaches self deification.[15]

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