Egypt–Iraq relations

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Egypt–Iraq relations
Map indicating locations of Egypt and Iraq



Egypt–Iraq relations are foreign relations between Egypt and Iraq. Iraq's relations with the Arab world have been extremely varied. The relationship between Iraq and Egypt soured in 1977, when the two nations broke relations with each other following Egypt's peace accords with Israel. In 1978, Baghdad hosted an Arab League summit that condemned and ostracized Egypt for accepting the Camp David accords. However, Egypt's strong material and diplomatic support for Iraq in the war with Iran led to warmer relations and numerous contacts between senior officials, despite the continued absence of ambassadorial-level representation. Since 1983, Iraq has repeatedly called for restoration of Egypt's “natural role” among Arab countries. In January 1984, Iraq successfully led Arab efforts within the OIC to restore Egypt's membership. However, Egypt–Iraq relations were broken in 1990 after Egypt joined the UN coalition that forced Iraq out of Kuwait. Relations have steadily improved in recent years, and Egypt is now one of Iraq's main trade partners (formerly under the Oil-for-Food Programme).[1]

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