Egypt Point

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Egypt Point

Egypt Point is the northernmost point of the island county of the Isle of Wight off the south coast of England, and was one of Queen Victoria's favourite places during her time on the island.[1] According to the Post Office at the 2011 Census the point population was included in the civil parish of Northwood, Isle of Wight.

Original optic, removed in 1969, now on display at Hurst Castle

Egypt Point lies in between the town of Cowes and the village of Gurnard. Between 1897 and 1989 a lighthouse operated there; the structure remains a landmark for yachtsmen. Egypt Point derives its name from a nearby gypsy encampment from the 16th century.[2] It is now a popular vantage point for the annual Round the Island Race which starts and ends at Cowes.[1]

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Coordinates: 50°46′01″N 1°18′54″W / 50.76698°N 1.31506°W / 50.76698; -1.31506