Egypt Roller Hockey League

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Egypt Roller Hockey League
Roller hockey pictogram.svg
Sport Roller Hockey
Founded 2007
No. of teams 11
Country  Egypt
Most recent
AL-Dakhlyea Sporting Club
Official website Roller Hockey in Egypt

The Egyptian Roller Hockey Championship is the biggest Roller Hockey Clubs Championship in Egypt.

Participated Teams in the last Season[edit]

The clubs that competed in the season of 2011 were: Al-Zamalek Sporting Club, AL-Dakhlyea, Nasr City, AL-Sekka,AL-Hadeed, AL-Masry, AL-Zohour, AL-Marekh, Al-Maadi, AL-Kahrabaa, Alaab Damanhour.

List of Winners[edit]

Year Champion
2014/6' ALaab Damanhour
2011/12 AL-Dakhlyea
2010/11 ALaab Damanhour
2009/10 Alaab Damanhour
2008/09 Alaab Damanhour
2007/08 Alaab Damanhour
2006/07 Nasr City Sporting Club

Number of Egyptian National Championships by team[edit]

Team Championships
AL-Dakhlyea Sporting Club 16
Al-zamalek 22
Nasr City Club 7

Egyptian Cup[edit]

Egyptian Cup is the second main competition of Roller Hockey in Egypt, and is disputed by all the Roller Hockey clubs in Egypt.


Year Champion
2010/11 canceled
2009/10 AL-Dakhlyea Sporting Club
2008/09 Nasr City Club
2007/08 AL-Dakhlyea Sporting Club

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