Egyptian Arab Socialist Party

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Egyptian Arab Socialist Party
حزب مصر العربي الاشتراكي
Hizb Misr Al-'Arabi Al-Ishtiraki
Chairperson Wahid Al-Uksory (last)
Founded 1977 (1977)
Dissolved 2012; 3 years ago (2012)
Merged into Conference Party[1][2]
Headquarters Cairo
Ideology Islamic socialism
Arab socialism
Political position Third Position
Religion Sunni Islam
then Secularism
International affiliation None
Colours ‹See Tfm›     Black
Politics of Egypt
Political parties

The Egyptian Arab Socialist Party (Arabic: حزب مصر العربي الاشتراكي Hizb Misr Al-'Arabi Al-Ishtiraki‎) is an political party in Egypt.

History and profile[edit]

The party was established in 1976 and its head was Mamdouh Salem.[3] He served as the prime minister of Egypt from 1975 to 1978.[3]

The party generally presses for preserving gains of the Egyptian Revolution of 1952.

The party nominated its head, Wahid Al-Uksory, to run for Egypt's first multi-candidate presidential elections. It was part of the Democratic Alliance for Egypt during the 2011-2012 parliamentary elections.


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