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The Egyptian Socialist Party (Arabic: الحزب الاشتراكي المصري‎‎) was a political party in Egypt. The party was founded in 1921.[1] A party conference held in July 1922 declared the Alexandria branch of the party as the party headquarters. On October 1920 the party declared itself as the true representative of the Egyptian working class. Towards the end of the year the party counted with around 1,500 members (400 in Alexandria).[2]

The party sent Hosni al-Arabi to Moscow, to negotiate a possible entry of the party to the Communist International. Al-Arabi returned to Egypt towards the end of 1921, with the instructions that the party would adhered to the twenty-one conditions of the Communist International. A majority of the party Central Committee (led by al-Arabi) approved the conditions in December 1922, and the name of the party was changed to Egyptian Communist Party (Arabic: الحزب الشيوعي المصري‎‎). The party treasurer Rosenthal, who had opposed some of the conditions, was expelled and substituted by Ahmed al-Madani.[2]

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