Egyptian Football Association

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Egyptian Football Association
Association crest
Founded 1921
Headquarters Cairo
FIFA affiliation 3 Jan. 1923
CAF affiliation CAF (1957)
UAFA (1974)
UNAF (2005)
President Gamal Allam
Vice-President Hassan Farid

The Egyptian Football Association EFA, is the governing body of football in Egypt. The leading Egyptian clubs are as follows, with the total number of national competitions (premier league & national cup) following the name of the club.

The Egyptian FA has been dissolved as of February 2, 2012 due to the incidents in Port Said.

  • First cup championship occurred in 1921/22 & first premier league was held in 1948/49.
  • 2 titles of cup championships were shared between Ahly & Zamalek (1942/43 & 1957/58).
  • Runner Up is not known for the 1922/23, 1932/33 & 1938/39 football seasons.
  • Mekawleen is the only Division II club to win the title of cup championships, in 2003/2004.

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