Egyptian Squash Association

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Egyptian Squash Association
Logo Egyptian Squash Association.jpg
Sport Squash
Founded 1991
Regional affiliation Squash Federation of Africa
Location Nasr City, Cairo
President Assem Khalifa
Chairman Sayed El Kamash

Dalia Mahmoud Al Hefney

Mona Fawzey
Coach Amir Wagih
Official website

Egyptian Squash Association is recognised as the Egyptian National governing body of the sports of Squash.

Egyptian Squash Federation is responsible for the following tasks:[1]

  • Decide public policies that lead to the deployment of the squash in the Arab Republic of Egypt and upgradable.

Administration of the squash from the technical aspects, financial and regulatory Puts the different competitions, championships and oversee their implementation.

  • Development of the rules governing the affairs of the training and arbitration as well as terms and conditions that must be met by the coaches and referees.
  • Preservation of the rules and principles of the international game of squash and protect the hobby.
  • The preparation of national teams that represent Egypt in all international forums.
  • Approval and registration of players enrolled in Egyptian Squash Federation.
  • Sets rules and regulations governing the transfers of players.
  • Support the Egyptian representation in international federations, continental and regional presence to ensure that the Egyptian Work on the development of resources Alatha.


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