Egyptian Trade Union Federation

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Full name Egyptian Trade Union Federation
Founded 1957; 59 years ago (1957)
Members about 6 million workers
Affiliation ICATU, OATUU
Key people Gebaly Mohamed Gebaly, chairman
Office location Cairo, Egypt

The Egyptian Trade Union Federation (ETUF) is a trade union based in Cairo, Egypt.

History and profile[edit]

The ETUF was founded in 1957 . Until 2011 all unions other than the ETUF were banned . ETUF has a long history in defending on workers rights in Egypt as it is the sole Federation in Egypt . ETUF owns many institutions like the Workers University , the Labor Educational Association , The Resort of Al-Ahlam " Karyet Al-Ahlam " and many other provencial federations. [1] []] []], .[2]


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