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Starr 020702-9004 Ehrharta stipoides.jpg
Ehrharta stipoides
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Plantae
(unranked): Angiosperms
(unranked): Monocots
(unranked): Commelinids
Order: Poales
Family: Poaceae
Genus: Ehrharta
Type species
Ehrharta capensis
  • Trochera L.C.M.Richard
  • Microlaena R.Br.
  • Tetrarrhena R.Br.
  • Diplax Sol. ex Benn.

Ehrharta is a genus of plants in the grass family.[2][3]

Most of the species are native to Africa, with a few from Southeast Asia and from various islands in the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans. The genus is also found in Australia, southern Asia, the Mediterranean, and North America. Several including Ehrharta longiflora, Ehrharta calycina and Ehrharta erecta are considered invasive weeds.[4][5][6][7]

Common names for this genus include veldtgrass.[8][9][10]

This genus was named for the German botanist Jakob Friedrich Ehrhart, 1742-1795.[2][11]

  1. Ehrharta acuminata (R.Br.) Spreng. - Australia
  2. Ehrharta barbinodis Nees - Cape Province
  3. Ehrharta brevifolia Schrad. - Cape Province, Namibia
  4. Ehrharta bulbosa Sm. - Cape Province
  5. Ehrharta calycina Sm. - Cape Province, Namibia, Free State, Lesotho, KwaZulu-Natal; naturalized in Mediterranean, Australia, New Zealand, USA (California, Nevada, Texas)
  6. Ehrharta capensis Thunb. - Cape Province; naturalized in India
  7. Ehrharta delicatula Stapf - Cape Province, Namibia
  8. Ehrharta digyna Thunb. - Cape Province
  9. Ehrharta diplax F.Muell. - Sulawesi, New Guinea, New Zealand incl Antipodes, Fiji, Society Is
  10. Ehrharta distichophylla Labill. - Australia
  11. Ehrharta dura Nees - Cape Province
  12. Ehrharta eburnea Gibbs Russ. - Cape Province
  13. Ehrharta erecta Lam. - from Eritrea + Saudi Arabia to Cape Province; naturalized in scattered locations in Asia, Australia, New Zealand, California
  14. Ehrharta festucacea Willd. ex Schult. & Schult.f. - Madagascar
  15. Ehrharta godefroyi C.Cordem. - Réunion
  16. Ehrharta juncea (R.Br.) Spreng. - Australia
  17. Ehrharta laevis (R.Br.) Spreng. - Western Australia
  18. Ehrharta longiflora Sm. - South Africa, Namibia; naturalized in Cape Verde, St. Helena, Canary Islands, Réunion, India, Australia, New Zealand, California
  19. Ehrharta longifolia Schrad. - Cape Province
  20. Ehrharta longigluma C.E.Hubb. - South Africa, Lesotho
  21. Ehrharta melicoides Thunb. - Cape Province
  22. Ehrharta microlaena Nees - Cape Province
  23. Ehrharta oreophila (D.I.Morris) L.P.M.Willemse - Tasmania
  24. Ehrharta ottonis Kuntze ex Nees - Cape Province
  25. Ehrharta penicillata C.Cordem. - Réunion
  26. Ehrharta pusilla Nees - Cape Province, Namibia
  27. Ehrharta ramosa Thunb. - Cape Province
  28. Ehrharta rehmannii Stapf - Cape Province
  29. Ehrharta rupestris Nees - Cape Province
  30. Ehrharta setacea Nees - Cape Province
  31. Ehrharta stipoides Labill. - Australia (all 6 states plus Norfolk I), New Zealand (North I, South I, Chatham Is, Kermadec Is), New Guinea, Philippines, Indonesia (Java, Sulawesi, Lesser Sunda Is)
  32. Ehrharta tasmanica (Hook.f.) L.P.M.Willemse - Tasmania
  33. Ehrharta thunbergii Gibbs Russ. - Cape Province, Namibia
  34. Ehrharta triandra Nees - Cape Province, Namibia
  35. Ehrharta villosa Schult.f. - Cape Province; naturalised in Australia, New Zealand North Island, Argentina
formerly included[1]

several species now considered better suited to other genera: Brylkinia Leersia Melinis Microlaena Sporobolus Tristachya Zotovia