Friedrich Eduard Eichens

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Portrait of the German poet Novalis, 1845

Friedrich Eduard Eichens (1804–1877) was a German engraver.


He was born in Berlin. He studied engraving first under Ludwig Buchhorn at the Prussian Academy of Arts in Berlin, and then went to Paris in 1827, with a grant from the government, where he received instruction from François Forster, then to Parma where he studied for three years under Paolo Toschi.

He subsequently visited Florence, Rome, Naples, Venice, and Milan. On his return in 1833 he became a drawing master in the Prussian academy. He died in Berlin in 1877.


Eichens engraved some of Kaulbach's frescoes in the Berlin Museum, and also his Shakespeare Gallery. He also did numerous portraits of contemporary celebrities after photographs. Among his prints are the following:


His brother Philipp Hermann Eichens was a noted lithographer.