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LocationEidfjord, Hordaland
Coordinates60°26′53″N 7°06′29″E / 60.4481°N 7.1080°E / 60.4481; 7.1080Coordinates: 60°26′53″N 7°06′29″E / 60.4481°N 7.1080°E / 60.4481; 7.1080
Primary inflowsBjoreio, Veig
Primary outflowsEio
Basin countriesNorway
Max. length4 kilometres (2.5 mi)
Max. width1.2 kilometres (0.75 mi)
Surface area3.55 km2 (1.37 sq mi)
Shore length19.53 kilometres (5.92 mi)
Surface elevation19 metres (62 ft)
1 Shore length is not a well-defined measure.

Eidfjordvatnet (English: Lake Eidfjord)[1][2][3] is a moraine-dammed lake in the municipality of Eidfjord in Hordaland county, Norway. The 3.55-square-kilometre (1.37 sq mi) lake is located immediately southeast of the village of Eidfjord. The village of Øvre Eidfjord lies on the southern shore of the lake. Norwegian National Road 7 runs along the western shore of the lake. The water enters the lake through the Bjoreio and Veig rivers, and the water empties from the lake through the Eio River.[4]

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