Eidgenoessische Konstruktionswerkstaette

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"EKW" (Eidgenoessische Konstruktionswerkstaette English: "Swiss Federal Constructions Works", also known as Eigenössische Flugzeug Werke - EFW, or as Flug + Werk) was a composite of Swiss state-owned enterprises, with the aim of making the Swiss military independent of foreign sources for its equipment needs. It was established in 1867 in Thun. During World War I Switzerland put in an effort to make itself independent of foreign suppliers of military aircraft. Long-standing connections to the ETH Zurich ensured the necessary know-how. After the EKW C-3604 the production of aircraft came to an end, however the production of armoured fighting vehicles for the Swiss Army continued, both of its own designs and licence production of M113 armored personnel carriers and Leopard 2 tanks. Since 1995 it has been part of RUAG Defence.