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Eidsberg kommune
Coat of arms of Eidsberg kommune
Coat of arms
Official logo of Eidsberg kommune
Østfold within
Eidsberg within Østfold
Eidsberg within Østfold
Coordinates: 59°32′13″N 11°21′37″E / 59.53694°N 11.36028°E / 59.53694; 11.36028Coordinates: 59°32′13″N 11°21′37″E / 59.53694°N 11.36028°E / 59.53694; 11.36028
Country Norway
County Østfold
District Smaalenene
Administrative centre Mysen
 • Mayor (2003) Knut Jørgen Herland (Sp)
 • Total 236 km2 (91 sq mi)
 • Land 229 km2 (88 sq mi)
Area rank 311 in Norway
Population (2004)
 • Total 10,121
 • Rank 100 in Norway
 • Density 44/km2 (110/sq mi)
 • Change (10 years) 10.5 %
Demonym(s) Eidsberging[1]
Time zone CET (UTC+1)
 • Summer (DST) CEST (UTC+2)
ISO 3166 code NO-0125
Official language form Bokmål
Website www.eidsberg.kommune.no
Data from Statistics Norway

Eidsberg is a municipality in Østfold county, Norway. The administrative centre of the municipality is the town of Mysen. Neighboring municipalities are Rakkestad, Askim, Skiptvet, Trøgstad, and Marker in Østfold, and Aurskog-Høland in Akershus.

Eidsberg was established as a municipality on 1 January 1838 (see formannskapsdistrikt). The town of Mysen was separated from Eidsberg to form a municipality of its own on 1 July 1920, but it was merged back into the municipality of Eidsberg on 1 January 1961.

General information[edit]


The municipality (originally the parish) is named after the old Eidsberg farm (Old Norse: Eiðsberg), since the first church was built here. The first element is the genitive case of eið which means "path around a waterfall" and the last element is berg which means "mountain". Prior to 1847, the name was spelled "Edsberg".


The coat-of-arms is from modern times. They were granted on 16 March 1962. The arms show a bear, which is taken as a symbol for Arnbjørn Jonsson, who lived in Eidsberg. The bear is canting for Bjørn (Norwegian: bear). He was a well known warrior in during the civil war era under King Håkon Håkonsson, until his death in 1240.[2]

International relations[edit]

Twin towns — Sister cities[edit]

Eidsberg is twinned with the following towns:[3]

Number of minorities (1st and 2nd generation) in Eidsberg by country of origin in 2017[4]
Ancestry Number
 Poland 398
 Iraq 178
 Lithuania 140
 Bosnia-Herzegovina 99
 Sweden 81
 Kosovo 65
 Russia 58
 Somalia 47
 Pakistan 40
 Denmark 36


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