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Eight Sleep
Founded2014 (2014)
ProductsSmart mattress

Eight Sleep is an American technology company based in New York City that specializes in developing and manufacturing smart mattresses using data, design, science, and technology.[1][2][3][4]


Founded in 2014 by CEO Matteo Franceschetti, Massimo Andreasi Bassi, Andrea Ballarini, and Alexandra Zatarain, Eight was originally started through a crowdfunding campaign, which sold sleep trackers to 8,000 customers in over 50 countries. The trackers consisted of mattress covers that provide daily sleep reports, temperature regulation, and an alarm that wakes the person at the optimal point in the sleep cycle.[5]

After collecting 1.8 million hours of sleep data using its sleep trackers,[citation needed] Eight built the Eight Sleep mattress.[6][7][8][9][10] It was released in November 2016.[11][12][13][14]In October 2017, Eight launched Alexa Skill smart mattress that allows users to use the Echo and other Amazon devices to interact with their mattress and to access their sleep data.[15][16]


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