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Eight-ball (or 8-ball) is a pool (pocket billiards) game. Eightball, 8 Ball, eight ball, 8ball, and various other spellings, may also refer to:



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Other uses[edit]

  • The FDAI (Flight Director/Attitude Indicator), an advanced form of attitude indicator, displaying pitch, yaw, and roll of a spacecraft, whereas a standard aircraft attitude indicator ("artificial horizon") only displays pitch and roll.
  • 8-ball, an eight-dimensional n-ball in mathematics
  • 8-Ball and Skull, ring names of professional wrestlers the Harris Brothers during their stint as members of the Disciples of Apocalypse
  • 8-ball (zucchini), a variety of summer squash
  • "Eight-ball", nickname for a 40-ounce bottle of Olde English 800, a brand of malt liquor
  • Eight-ball, street slang for one-eighth ounce of powdered cocaine, amphetamine, or other illegal drug
  • "Eight Ball", another name for Bloody Mary made with V8 instead of tomato juice
  • A pejorative nickname for a black person who is completely bald

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