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Eightcubed singles cover for "Enter Light"
Background information
OriginToronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Musician
  • DJ
Years active2005–2015
  • Abstract Core Records
  • Indie

Eightcubed is a Canadian electronic music producer, DJ, and performer from Toronto, Ontario. His debut album, Simple Dance, was released in 2006 by Abstract Core Records.[1] In 2008, "Heart Invaders" [2] was released with a music video directed by computer animator Dan Swan and nationally aired on MuchMusic throughout 2008 to 2011.[3] In 2009, he released City Life, an EP that received popular acclaim for its low-fi and retro- futuristic sound, heard in songs such as "Promise Me" [4] and "The Island of Purple Waterfall".[5] Another music video for the single "Enter Light" followed in 2011 with video animation by Andrea Simone.[6] In a Detroit radio interview, Eightcubed explained the importance of the storytelling found in his music.[7] In 2013, he released Sheath & Beyond EP, with the hit single "Comfort Temple", launching him into the Top 10 of many North American radio stations.[8][9] He has been featured in Now Magazine,[10] RCRD LBL, MTV Canada, and independent blogs.[11][12][13][14]

Musical style[edit]

Eightcubed's musical style has been described as "fantastical, mesmerizing, strangely addictive, innovative, retro-futuristic and whimsical". In early 2007, Cue Mix Magazine proclaimed that his sound was "fascinating and groundbreaking".[15] Eightcubed has stated that he leaves his musical writing to be defined by critics and that his most ardent instrument is the computer.[16]



Year Album Record Label
2006 Simple Dance Abstract Core Records
2009 City Life RCRD LBL
2011 High Arrrt N/A
2013 Sheath & Beyond Phoenix & Gold Records


Single Year Album Chart Rank Radio Station City
"Sunrise" 2005 Simple Dance
"Quiet Please" 2006 Simple Dance
"Smell the Coffee" 2007 City Life
"Heart Invaders" 2008 City Life 3 CHUO89.1 Ottawa
"Promise Me" 2008 City Life 8 CJLO1690 Montreal
"The Island of Purple Waterfall" 2009 "City Life" 3 CKXU88.3 Lethbridge
"Lighthouse" 2010 High Arrrt 2 CKXU88.3 Lethbridge
"Kiss Chaser" 2010 High Arrrt 17 CIUT89.5 Toronto
"Kiss Chaser (B- Side Version)" 2010 High Arrrt 8 CJSW90.9 Calgary
"Comfort Temple" 2013 "Sheath & Beyond 2 CJAM99.1 Windsor



  • "Heart Invaders" (2008) (directed by Dan Swan)
  • "Enter Light" (2011) (animation by Andrea Simone)


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