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Eightcubed composer and performer
Background information
Origin Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Genres Electronic
Years active 2005 (2005) – present
Labels Independent

Eightcubed is a Canadian electronic singer-songwriter and producer from Toronto. His debut album, Simple Dance, was released in 2006 by Abstract Core Records.[1] In 2008, "Heart Invaders" [2] was released with a music video directed by computer animator Dan Swan and nationally aired on MuchMusic throughout 2008 to 2011.[3] In 2009, he released City Life, an EP that received popular acclaim for its low-fi and retro- futuristic sound, heard in songs such as "Promise Me" [4] and "The Island of Purple Waterfall".[5] Another music video for the single "Enter Light" followed in 2011 with video animation by Andrea Simone.[6] In a Detroit radio interview, Eightcubed explained the importance of the storytelling found in his music.[7] In 2013, he released Sheath & Beyond EP, with the hit single "Divine Money", launching him into the Top 10 of many North American radio stations.[8][9] He has been featured in Now Magazine,[10] RCRD LBL and independent blogs.[11][12][13][14]

Musical style[edit]

Eightcubed's musical style has been described as "fantastical, mesmerizing, strangely addictive, innovative, retro-futuristic and whimsical". In early 2007, Cue Mix Magazine proclaimed that his sound was "fascinating and groundbreaking".[15] Eightcubed has stated that he leaves his musical writing to be defined by critics and that his most ardent instrument is the computer.[16]



Year Album Record Label
2006 Simple Dance Abstract Core Records
2009 City Life RCRD LBL
2011 High Arrrt N/A
2013 Sheath & Beyond Phoenix & Gold Records


Single Year Album Chart Rank Radio Station City
"Sunrise" 2006 Simple Dance
"Quiet Please" 2006 Simple Dance
"Smell the Coffee" 2007 City Life
"Heart Invaders" 2008 City Life
"The Island of Purple Waterfall" 2008 "City Life"
"Promise Me" 2008 City Life 8 CJLO1690 Montreal
"Night Owl on Disco Street" 2009 City Life
"Lighthouse" 2010 High Arrrt 2 CKXU88.3 Lethbridge
"Kiss Chaser" 2010 High Arrrt 17 CIUT89.5 Toronto
"Kiss Chaser (B- Side Version)" 2010 High Arrrt 8 CJSW90.9 Calgary
"Comfort Temple" 2013 "Sheath & Beyond
"Divine Money" 2013 Sheath & Beyond 2 CJAM99.1 Windsor



  • "Heart Invaders" (2008) (directed by Dan Swan)
  • "Enter Light" (2011) (animation by Andrea Simone)

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