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Eighth Doctor comic stories are two ranges of comic series that featured the adventures of the eighth incarnation of the Doctor, the protagonist of the hit sc-fi series, Doctor Who.

Two separate series of original comic strips featuring the Eighth Doctor (and thus the likeness of actor Paul McGann) were published during the character's original tenure. The Radio Times published a weekly comic strip for a time. There was also the standard Doctor Who Magazine strip. The two series introduced brand-new companions, although the Eighth Doctor's only on-screen companion, Grace Holloway, also appeared twice. There were also cameo appearances by companions from past DWM series. The Master was also resurrected.

During the latter period of the DWM's comic stories the stories switched from black and white strips to full colour.

One of the strip's most noted fans was Russell T Davies, the future executive producer and head writer of the revived Doctor Who series. Davies had proposed that the Magazine's strip regenerate McGann's Doctor at the conclusion of The Flood. Whilst a draft was prepared to include the regeneration, the idea was abandoned as the Magazine team had reservations about taking such an important element from the television series should McGann ever be used in the series for flashback purposes. Eventually the decision was taken to simply end "The Flood" on a note similar to Survival, with The Eighth Doctor and Destrii's later adventures left a mystery to the readers.

It has been speculated that Davies loosely adapted elements from The Flood in his later DW storylines The Parting of the Ways and Army of Ghosts (in particular the Doctor absorbing the time/space vortex to save Rose Tyler's life, triggering his regeneration and the ghost-shifting infiltration of The Cybermen on an unsuspecting public)


Doctor Who Magazine[edit]

# Title Featuring Writer Release Date
1 "Endgame" Izzy Sinclar and Maxwell Edison, and the Celestial Toymaker Alan Barnes 23 October 1996 - 15 January 1997
2 "The Keep" Izzy Alan Barnes 12 February - 12 March 1997
3 "A Life of Matter and Death" Izzy, Sir Justin, Shayde and Dr Ivan Asimoff Alan Barnes 9 April 1997
4 "Fire and Brimstone" Izzy and the Daleks Alan Barnes 7 May - 27 August 1997
5 "By Hook or By Crook" Izzy Scott Gray 24 September 1997
6 "Tooth and Claw" Izzy and Fey Truscott-Sade ALan Barnes 22 October 1997 - 14 January 1998
7 "The Final Chapter" Izzy, Fey, Shayde and the Time Lords Alan Barnes 11 March - 3 June 1998
8 "Wormwood" Izzy, Fey and Shayde Scott Gray 1 July - 18 November 1998
9 "Happy Deathday" Izzy, and all eight Doctors, Daleks, Davros, Sontarans, Silurians and Ice Warriors Scott Gray 16 December 1998
10 "The Fallen" Izzy, Dr Grace Holloway and Leighton Woodrow Scott Gray 13 January - 7 April 1999
11 "The Road to Hell" Izzy Scott Gray 2 June - 22 September 1999
12 "TV Action!" Izzy Alan Barnes 20 October 1999
13 "The Company of Thieves" Izzy and Kroton, and the Cybermen Scott Gray 17 November 1999 - 12 January 2000
14 "The Glorious Dead" Izzy and Kroton, and the Master Scott Gray 9 February - 18 October 2000
15 "The Autonomy Bug" Izzy Scott Gray 15 November 2000 - 10 January 2001
16 "Ophidius" Izzy and Destrii Scott Gray 7 February - 2 May 2001
17 "Beautiful Freak" Izzy Scott Gray 30 May 2001
18 "The Way of All Flesh" Izzy Scott Gray 19 September - 14 November 2001
19 "Children of the Revolution" Izzy and the Daleks Scott Gray 9 January - 29 May 2002
20 "Me and My Shadow" Fey Truscott-Shade and Shayde Scott Gray 26 June 2002
21 "Uroboros" Feyde and Destrii Scott Gray 24 July - 16 October 2002
22 "Oblivion" Izzy, Feyde and Destrii Scott Gray 13 November 2002 - 2 April 2003
23 "Where Nobody Knows Your Name" Frobisher Scott Gray 30 April 2003
24 "The Nightmare Game" TBA Gareth Roberts 28 May - 23 June 2003
25 "The Power of Thoueris" TBA Scott Gray 20 August 2003
26 "The Curious Tale of Spring-Heeled Jack" TBA Scott Gray 17 September - 12 November 2003
27 "The Land of Happy Endings" John and Gillian Scott Gray 10 December 2003
28 "Bad Blood" Destrii Scott Gray 7 January - 28 April 2004
29 "Sins of the Father" Destrii Scott Gray 26 May - 21 July 2004
30 "The Flood" Destrii and Leighton Woodrow, and the Cybermen Scott Gray 18 August 2004 - 2 March 2005

Radio Times[edit]

# Title Featuring Writer Release Date
1 "Dreadnought" Stacey Townend, and the Cybermen Gary Russell 1–9 August 1996
2 "Descendance" Stacey and Ssard, and the Ice Warriors Gary Russell 10–18 October 1996
3 "Ascendance" Stacy and Ssard Gary Russell 19 October 1996 - 3 January 1997
4 "Perceptions" Stacey and Ssard Gary Russell 10 January - 14 March 1997
5 "Coda" Stacey and Ssard Gary Russell 21–28 March 1997

Titan Doctor Who the Eighth Doctor[edit]

title featuring writer release date
1 the pictures of Josephine day josie day George man November 2015
2 music of the spherons josie day George man Decemder 2015
3 the silvering josie day george man Januarey 2016
4 Briarwood josie day george man febuarey 2016
5 A Matter of life and Death josie day Clara Oswald and the 12th doctor george man march 2016

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