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The Eighth Sister is the unbuilt project for the Zaryadye skyscraper in Moscow. It would have been eighth sister to the group of seven postwar Stalinist skyscrapers in Moscow, Russia. The architect was Dmitry Chechulin.

Original 1947 plans included an eighth tower, which would have been among the tallest buildings in the world. Following Joseph Stalin's death, it was decided that the projected structure would overshadow the Moscow Kremlin and Chechulin's 1967 Rossiya Hotel was erected on the spot. In 1955, the unused plans were revised and used to build the still tallest skyscraper in Poland, the Palace of Culture and Science, Warsaw. Acknowledging this connection, the Palace of Culture is informally referred to as the Eighth Sister.

Moscow's Triumph-Palace, completed in 2003, the fifth tallest building in Europe and 59th in the world, is also unofficially known as the Eighth Sister.

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