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Eighth grade is the term used for the year of education in some countries. In other countries, the equivalent is Year 9. Students are usually in their eighth year of education at the time they enter eighth grade. It is typically the last year for Middle school, and the ninth school year of public and private education, following kindergarten and subsequent grades. Similar terms, for example Grade 8, are used in other countries (see below).

In the United States, eighth grade is usually the second or third year of middle school (junior high school), although some systems mark it as the final year of elementary school and some as the second year of high school (in Quebec or parts of Australia for example). In countries like India and Pakistan, Grade 8 is commonly known as Class 8.


  • In Nigeria Grade 8 (JSS2) is the second to last year of Junior high, as there are no Middle Schools in the Nigerian education system, elementary school (primary school) ends in grade 6. Pupils (called learners by the Department of Education) are between the ages of 13 and 14.
  • In Somalia, the eighth grade, which pupils are between the age of 12 and 14, is typically the final grade before high school.
  • In South Africa, Grade 8 is the first year of high school.


  • In Iran, 8th grade is second year of Highschool A. There are 2 stages of Highschool in Iran, A and B. A ranges from Grade 7 (13 years old) across Grade 8 (14 years old) to Grade 9 (15 years old).
  • In India, 8th grade is the last grade before High School. 8th grade exam is the last year the respective school will be setting the examination. Thereafter (ninth grade and after) the examinations are conducted by state or national boards. In India, 8th class education falls under the middle education system.
  • In Pakistan, Grade 8 is one of the years in middle school. Students in this class are thirteen to fourteen years old. 8th grade exams are conducted and managed by the Boards of Education in Pakistan.
  • In Nepal Grade 8 is last grade before Secondary Education. In Grade 8, District Level Examination is conducted by District Education Office.
  • In the Philippines, Grade 8 is the second year of Junior High School. Topics mainly discussed are Algebra, Biology, Filipino subject with Florante at Laura, Values Education, Afro-Asian Literature (English) & Asian History since school year 2013–2014. Students are usually 13–14 years old.
  • In Singapore, 8th grade is equivalent of Secondary 2 level.
  • In Malaysia, 8th grade also known as Form 2 in secondary school. The students at this stage are 14 years old, and it is the second year in the secondary school.
  • In Indonesia, 8th grade is known as Kelas 2 SMP (Indonesian for the number 2). Pupils usually are aged from 13 to 14 years old and graduate from Kelas 1 SMP in the middle of the year (June 18 but the promotion to the next grade is at June 28).
  • In Hong Kong, 8th grade is called Form 2.


  • In Spain, eighth grade is equivalent to the segundo curso de Educación Secundaria Obligatoria or ESO.
  • In Denmark, eighth grade is called 8. Klasse being the second last year before being enrolled into a Gymnasium, which is similar to high school.
  • In France, eighth grade is equivalent to the third year of collège, the Quatrième or '4ème'.
  • In Germany, eighth grade is called 8. Klasse.
  • In Poland, eighth grade is equivalent to the second year of junior high school (gimnazjum). Pupils are aged 14–15.
  • In Hungary, eighth grade is called 8. osztály, commonly the last year of elementary school. Other systems to group the grades are also present: for example, six years of elementary school then six years of high school; or four years of elementary then eight years of high school.
  • In Finland, children aged 14–15 are usually in 8th grade.
  • In Iceland, eighth grade is called 8.bekkur. Pupils are aged 14–15.
  • In Ireland, eighth grade is equivalent to 2nd year of secondary school.
  • In Italy, eighth grade is the final year of middle school. It is equivalent to what is colloquially referred to as terza media or terzo anno delle scuole medie (officially Scuola secondaria di primo grado).
  • In Latvia, eighth grade is called 8. Klase and is the last year of elementary school. Children are aged 14–15.
  • In the Netherlands, eight grade is equivalent to the second year in middle school (called de tweede klas).
  • In Belgium, eight grade is also equivalent to the second year in middle school (called "2e middelbaar" or "2e secondaire").
  • In the United Kingdom:
    • In the English and Welsh school systems, eighth grade is equivalent to Year 9 (Form 3). These children are aged 13–14.[1]
    • In Scotland eighth grade is equivalent to S2, where 'S' represents Secondary; or 2nd year. As a reminder in Scotland students start primary education at an age of 4–5 and then move to high school when 11–12. Children are between 13 and 14 years old in this year.
    • In Northern Ireland, children aged 13–14 are in year 10 or 3rd year (secondary school).
  • In Romania, 8th grade is called "Clasa a VIII-a", and it is the last year of Gymnasium, followed by high school. Children usually aged between 13–14 are in this grade.

North America[edit]

  • In Belize, Std. 6 is the last year in elementary school.
  • In Mexico, eighth grade is equivalent to the second year of middle school for those who are aged 13–14.

Canada and the United States[edit]

In the United States, Eighth Grade is most commonly thought to be a child's eighth year of education. However, for some, 8th Grade may be thought of as a child's 9th, 10th, or, possibly, 11th year of education. Though this depends upon whether or not the child attended Kindergarten and Preschool, and for how many years they attended Preschool (usually, a child attends Preschool for one year, but two years is somewhat common as well). Yet, most disagree to this because Preschool and Kindergarten are considered to be years of preparation, rather than actual education. In some parts of Canada (such as Newfoundland), and much of British Columbia, 8th grade is the first year of high school, or secondary school.

In Quebec, eighth Grade is equivalent to Secondary II (French: 2e Secondaire ("Seconde")) or Secondary Cycle 1, Year 2.

The eighth grade mathematics curriculum in Canada and the United States usually includes either Pre-algebra or Algebra I. Occasionally, Geometry, or Algebra II are also taught in very advanced schools. In some schools, especially the ones that are witnessing the required Basic Standards Test, basic everyday "real world" mathematical skills such as check writing, money management, and geometry are taught as well.

In cultural and language curriculum, many students may opt to take a foreign language course, either for a semester or the full school year.

In the United States, American history is often the primary focus in eighth grade social studies. Other schools may also focus on other subject areas such as geography and world history.


In most states in Australia, eighth grade is the equivalent of Year 8, which is the second year of high school. In Western Australia and South Australia, Year 8 is the first year of high school.

In New Zealand, Year 9 (formerly Form 3) is the equivalent of eighth grade for the majority of students, this is the first year of secondary school. Other systems to group the grades are also present: some students enter into an intermediate secondary school earlier than this, at Year 7; others stay in the same school for their entire education, as in composite or area schools.

South America[edit]

  • In Brazil the minimum age required for eighth grade was recently changed from 12 to 13 years old.
  • In Chile, eighth grade is equivalent to 8° Básico the last year of Enseñanza básica for those who are aged 13–14.

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