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Full name Eik Idrettsforening Tønsberg
Founded 14 March 1928
Ground Eikbanen,
Eik, Tønsberg
League Fourth Division
2012 Third Division/ 5, 12th (relegated)[1]
Website www.eik-tonsberg.no

Eik Idrettsforening Tønsberg, usually called Eik-Tønsberg, is a Norwegian association football club from Eik, Vestfold.

It was founded as Eik IF on 14 March 1928,[2] and included the city name Tønsberg in 1989. Before 1988, the district Eik was located in Sem municipality, but Sem was incorporated into Tønsberg.

It was formerly a team of nationwide importance. In the 1959–60 season they finished second in the Main League group B (first tier of Norwegian football), reaching a bronze playoff match which they won against Vålerengen. In the 1960–61 season they won the Main League group B, reaching a gold playoff match which they lost to Fredrikstad.[3] Well-known players were Arne Natland and Geir Johansen.[2]

Eik were promoted to the Norwegian Premier League in 1982, finished fifth in 1983, and were relegated in 1985.

In the 1990s the team was a mainstay in the First Division, the second tier. After the 1997 season it even contested a playoff to win promotion to the Premier League, but did not win. It was relegated after the 2000 Norwegian First Division season, and played in the 2001 Norwegian Second Division.

On 10 October 2001, a new club was founded. FK Tønsberg was to be an umbrella team in the district, and was supported by 20 teams in the region.[4] As Eik-Tønsberg was the best regional team, FK Tønsberg took their place in the league system from 2002 and Eik-Tønsberg started anew.

The men's football team currently plays in the Fourth Division, the fifth tier of Norwegian football, and two tiers below FK Tønsberg. Eik-Tønsberg won their Third Division group in both 2003, 2004 and 2005, but in each year it succumbed to other clubs in the promotion playoffs. In 2010 The club also contested the playoffs as the 2nd placed team, but was again defeated, and remained in the 3rd division. It was relegated to the Fourth Division after the 2012 season.


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