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Pronunciation Eiko
Gender Feminine with short o; masculine with long ō
Word/name Japanese
Region of origin Japanese

Eiko is a feminine Japanese given name. Eikō, also spelled Eikou or Eikoh, is a masculine Japanese given name. The meanings of these names depend on the kanji used to write them.[2]


In the feminine name Eiko, "ko" is generally written with a kanji meaning "child" (), while "Ei" may be written in a wide variety of ways with either a single kanji read "ei" or two kanji read "e" and "i", including:[2]

  • (first kanji meaning "eternity")
  • (first kanji meaning "glory" or "honour")
  • (first kanji meaning "flower" or "outstanding")
  • (first kanji meaning "lustre" or "crystal")
  • (first kanji meaning "river", second meaning "power")

In the masculine name Eikō, both "Ei" and "kō" may be written with many different kanji, including:[2]


Notable people with the name Eiko include:

  • Eiko Ando (安藤 永子?, born 1934), Japanese actress
  • Eiko Hisamura (久村 栄子?, born 1954), Japanese voice actress
  • Eiko Ikegami (池上 英子?), Japanese historian
  • Eiko Ishioka (石岡 瑛子?, 1938–2012), Japanese art director, costume and graphic designer
  • Eiko Kadono (角野 栄子?, born 1935), Japanese author of children's literature
  • Eiko Kawada (河田 栄子?, born 1955), Japanese handball player
  • Eiko Koike (小池 栄子?, born 1980), Japanese actress
  • Eiko Koizumi (小泉 栄子?, born 1973), Japanese beach volleyball player
  • Eiko Masuyama (増山 江威子?, born 1936), Japanese voice actress
  • Eiko Matsuda (松田 暎子?, 1952–2011), Japanese actress
  • Eiko Nakayama (中山 英子?, born 1970), Japanese skeleton racer
  • Eiko Otake (born 1948), Japanese artist, member of the performing duo Eiko & Koma
  • Eiko Nagashima (永島 暎子?), Japanese actress
  • Eiko Segawa (瀬川 瑛子?, born 1948), Japanese enka singer
  • Eiko Shimamiya (島宮 えい子?), Japanese pop singer
  • Eiko Tanaka (田中 栄子?), Japanese businesswoman who founded animation studio STUDIO4°C in 1989
  • Eiko Yamazawa (山沢 栄子?, 1899–1995), Japanese photographer
  • Eiko Yasui (安井 栄子?, born 1971), Japanese volleyball player

Notable people with the name Eikō include:

  • Eikō Harada (原田 泳幸?, born 1948), Japanese business executive
  • Eikoh Hosoe (細江 英公?, born 1933), Japanese photographer and filmmaker

Fictional characters[edit]

  • Eiko Carol, a character in the video game Final Fantasy IX

Eiko is also an Estonian male given name.

See also[edit]

  • Young-ja, Korean female name written with the same characters


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