Eilat Mountains

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Eilat Mountains
אילת 2010 066.jpg
Eilat Mountains reflection in the sea, 2007
Highest point
Elevation899 m (2,949 ft)
Coordinates29°40′02″N 34°54′51″E / 29.66722°N 34.91417°E / 29.66722; 34.91417Coordinates: 29°40′02″N 34°54′51″E / 29.66722°N 34.91417°E / 29.66722; 34.91417
Eilat Mountains is located in Israel
Eilat Mountains
Eilat Mountains
Southern Negev, Israel
Mountain typeIgneous rock

Eilat Mountains (Hebrew: הרי אילתHarei Eilat) is a term for a mountain range in the south of Israel, within the southern Negev.[1]

The mountains are named after the nearby city of Eilat and the biblical name of the city Eilot (Eiloth), which was situated where today the city of Eilat is located.

The Mountain ranges chain of Timna belongs to the Eilat Mountains.[2]

Among the central block of mountains, Mount Hezekiah is the highest, followed by Mount Solomon, although to the casual observer it would seem as if Mount Solomon is higher than Mount Hezekiah.

Ramat Yotam is the lowest mountain in the ridge, regardless of all hills located in the ridge.


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