Eilat Sports Center

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Eilat Sports Center
The Red Egg
Eilat Sports Center by Bodek Achitects.JPG
Sports Center at Eilat Israel.
Full name Eilat Tze'elim Sports Center
Location Eilat, Israel  ISR
Owner City of Eilat
Field size 2,000 sqm
Built 2012-2013
Opened September 2013
Construction cost $3.5 million
Architect Moti Bodek

Eilat Tze'elim Sports Centre is located in the Tze'elim neighbourhood north-west of Eilat, Israel. The building offers approximately 2,000 square meters on two levels. The entry level includes the main basketball court, a stage for performances and seating. The lower level features a gym, changing rooms, showers, toilets, and machine rooms. Funding for the building, which cost approximately 12 million NIS (about $3.5 million USD), came from the National Lottery and Eilat municipality.

Design & Construction[edit]

The building that has designed by Moti Bodek, is an elliptical eggshell that is truncated on the northern and western sides, by screen walls which reveal the interior activity space on the street level. This derived from the building position of the north-west corner of the site near the existing school. The shell of the hall consists of arches of different radius, double-T steel beams that support a system of yellow acoustic perforated tin panels and several layers of thermal insulation.

Rigid metal sheets are supported by a secondary structural system, layers of waterproofing and the exterior overlay of red aluminium panels with openings for ventilation and smoke release. On the western side, the shell descends to the lower floor and reveals a wide lighted passage leading to the gym, changing rooms and the open inside courtyard. Completion was scheduled for September 2013.



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Coordinates: 29°33′39″N 34°56′04″E / 29.560699°N 34.934383°E / 29.560699; 34.934383