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Eileen Clegg is an American visual journalist and founder of Visual Insight. Eileen combines experience with journalism and art as part of an evolving visual language. Eileen's murals are created in real time at a large scale and feature a combination of strategic quotes and ancient symbols to convey the "gestalt" of an event or meeting.[1]

Eileen Clegg at Future of Text Symposium 2016

Eileen's specialty is a practical application of ideas developed by scholars including Carl Jung's collective unconscious and Rudolf Arnheim's belief that visual perception and thinking are inextricably linked. Eileen has continued this stream of research with Bonnie DeVarco through their project Shape of Thought.[2]

Eileen uses visual language to report on emergent knowledge and future trends, including the Future of Learning in affiliation with Institute for the Future (since 1999), future workforce/workplaces through the Future of Talent [3] (since 2003), and Co-Evolution of Tools and Technology [4] inspired by her work with inventor Doug Engelbart (since 2002).

Eileen designed and maintains the influential History of Corporate Education,[5] Women Inventors and Innovators,[6] and Co-Evolution of Tools and Technology [7] murals.

Eileen was a daily news journalist for 20 years with The Press Democrat, and has written numerous books and articles on women, visuals, technology and learning. Her books include Goodbye Good Girl (New Harbinger Publications, 1998), Claiming Your Creative Self: True Stories from the Every day Lives of Women (New Harbinger Publications, 1999), Creating a Learning Culture (Cambridge University Press, 2001), Corporate University Workbook (JosseyBassPfeiffer, 2002), and The Engelbart Hypothesis (NextNowNextPress, 2008) with Valerie Landau in conversation with Douglas Engelbart.

As of 2014, Eileen is a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.


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