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Eileen Hsieh (繁體: 謝雅琳, 简体:谢雅琳) is a bilingual journalist and blogger based in London, and the former host of CNN's weekly Chinese news program which ran from 2009-2011.[1]

In April 2009 CNN launched its first-ever Mandarin program on CNN.com, using traditional Chinese characters.

Personal background[edit]

She was born in Taiwan and speaks fluent English and Mandarin.


She joined CNN in 2000. Her focus was international news and was a key force in CNN's Iraq war in 2003[2] and the 2004 U.S. presidential election coverage.[3]

In December 2006, she was in Baghdad for Saddam Hussein's execution. In December 2008 she went to Athens, Greece to cover the anarchist riots.[4]

She launched CNN's first Chinese news program in April 2009, a weekly news review available on CNN.com. She's also been awarded two Peabody Award for journalism excellence.


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