Eileithyia Cave

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Eileithyia Cave (also the Cave of Eileithyia) was a Neolithic,[1] Minoan and Mycenaean sacred cave dedicated to the goddess of childbirth, Eileithyia, on the island of Crete.


The cave is one kilometer south of Amnisos.


The cave is mentioned in Odysseus's Cretan narrative to Penelope in the Odyssey.


The Eileithyia Cave was in use from the Neolithic period until 400BCE.

The archaeological finds of the cave are on display today at the Iraklion Museum and the Archaeological Museum of Iraklion.


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Coordinates: 35°19′29″N 25°12′21″E / 35.32479°N 25.205849°E / 35.32479; 25.205849