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Birth name Aurélie Potin Suau
Origin Montpellier, France
Genres Celtic Metal, Art Rock
Occupation(s) singer, songwriter
Instruments vocals, guitar, programming
Years active 1998–present
Labels Spinefarm Records, Adipocère Records, Indie, Echozone (DE)
Associated acts Chrysalis
Website www.eilera.com

Eilera (born Aurélie Potin Suau) is a French artist, singer, songwriter and formerly a guitarist. The trademark in her style is a unique combination of Celtic, nordic and filmic atmospheres together with edgy rock. Her voice has been compared to nordic voices such as Björk's or Dolores O'Riordan's.

She began her music career as a guitarist and songwriter for Chrysalis, a melodic death metal band. Eventually, she disbanded Chrysalis to pursue a solo career with assistance from fellow Chrysalis guitarist Loïc Tézénas (for some time) under the name of Eilera. She was signed to Finnish label Spinefarm Records for 1 album and 1 Ep, before Spinefarm became Universal. Currently she is working on her fourth album release in one fresh independent structure. Eilera writes about her special experiences in a newly opened blog that combines stories, poetry, photos and music: the Warm / Cold blog.

Eilera's fourth album 'Face Your Demons' was released in September 2016, together with 3 Live Videos. Released in Digipack and in Jewel case formats, it is distributed in Europe by Soulfood (DE). This album was acclaimed by critics. Her previous work was often described as a unique combination of Celtic Metal with a touch of Björk, yet Eilera's work in 'Face Your Demons' was repeatedly categorised as "adult-oriented Rock", with the name of Kate Bush cited in several occasions.


Eilera first began playing music at the age of twelve when she began taking classical guitar lessons.[1] At the age of seventeen she moved on to the electric guitar and began playing metal music.[1] At the age of nineteen she decided to form her own metal band but for some time was unsuccessful at recruiting members she could work with.[2] It wasn't until she met members of the bands Hegemon, and Kalisia in Montpellier that she was able to put a working band together under the name of Suspiria.[2]

Eventually, Suspiria changed its name to Chrysalis and released Between Strength and Frailty, a demo that was distributed by the French record label Adipocere Records.[2] During this time Eilera and fellow Chrysalis guitarist Loïc Tézénas began working on a side project they called Bliss which mixed electronic music with metal music.[3] In 2003, Eilera along with Loïc decided to disband Chrysalis for various reasons and began to focus solely on their side project now known as Eilera. That same year the duo self-released Eilera's first album, a full-length demo titled Facettes.

In 2004, Eilera caught the attention of Finnish label Spinefarm Records and a recording contract was made.[4] In 2005, Eilera along with Loïc worked with record producer Hiili Hiilesmaa, cellist Max Lilja, drummer Antti Lehtinen, and other session musicians to record Eilera's first album under Spinefarm Records. The product, released that same year was an EP titled Precious Moment. In 2007, Eilera followed up her EP with her first studio album titled Fusion also recorded with the help of Hiili Hiilesmaa, Max Lilja, and Antti Lehtinen.

Eilera witnessed the storm that has been shaking the music industry from the inside: when Universal bought Spinefarm her collaboration with the company ended and she started working in an independent structure. She self-released the album "Darker Chapter… and stars". She was a pioneer in exploring new ways of selling her songs online with special aesthetics on her own website. After a tour in France, Eilera ended her collaboration with Loïc Tézénas and she moved to Finland permanently, in order to write the next chapter of her story.

In Finland Eilera has explored new collaborations, including with the Celtic harp player Lily Neill. Surrounded by a cellist and the bass player Jan Sormo, they covered Eilera's songs and Tori Amos' song "Winter". After this acoustic break Eilera composed the new album. The first 2 extracts of this album were recorded at studio Finnvox in February-March together with Eilera's old friend Tero Kinnunen (Nightwish) and a band of new musicians.

Not satisfied by the production of these two songs though, and wishing for a more live approach, Eilera decided the whole album would be recorded Live in studio, in Helsinki, Finland. This album is a testimony of the life-chapter the singer-songwriter is in. The French woman by origin, who has been living in Helsinki for several years, had decided to make an album which would be entirely written, composed and recorded in Finland. The booklet of the CD is illustrated with various photographs she herself took in the places which have inspired each song. No wonder then, that this album sounds slightly colder and less Celtic than its predecessors.



Title Type Release
Facettes demo album 2003 self-released
Precious Moment EP 2005 Spinefarm Records
Fusion studio album 2007 Spinefarm Records
Darker Chapter... and stars, Part I studio album 2010 self-released
Darker Chapter… and stars, Part II studio album 2012 self-released
New Singles: "Frozen Path"
"Into the Sea"
2014 self-released
Face Your Demons studio album 2016 Echozone


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