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Ein Gedi spa

Ein Gedi Spa is a wellness center along the Dead Sea, Israel, fed by the waters of the Dead Sea.[1] It provides health by the four elements of the area: water, air, sun, and mud. The spa has hot pools that are filled with sulphur water. It is a famous attraction on the shore of the Dead Sea.[2][3]

The spa is known for its unpleasant odor resulting from the sulphur springs. However, it still draws large crowds who believe in its health benefits.[4]

The spa is run by the Ein Gedi Kibbutz.[5]

Initially built directly along the shoreline of the Dead Sea, due to the sea's shrinkage, the spa is now found at quite a distance from the lake.[6]

The annual Ein Gedi Race starts off at the spa's location.

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Coordinates: 31°25′2.42″N 35°22′45.41″E / 31.4173389°N 35.3792806°E / 31.4173389; 35.3792806