Ein HaMifratz

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Ein HaMifratz
Ein hamifrats.jpg
Ein HaMifratz is located in Northwest Israel
Ein HaMifratz
Ein HaMifratz
Coordinates: 32°54′9.35″N 35°5′46.67″E / 32.9025972°N 35.0962972°E / 32.9025972; 35.0962972Coordinates: 32°54′9.35″N 35°5′46.67″E / 32.9025972°N 35.0962972°E / 32.9025972; 35.0962972
District Northern
Council Mateh Asher
Affiliation Kibbutz Movement
Founded 25 August 1938
Founded by Polish immigrants
Population (2017)[1] 1,236

Ein HaMifratz (Hebrew: עֵין הַמִּפְרָץ‬, lit. Bayview is a kibbutz near Acre in northern Israel. Located on the Mediterranean coast, it falls under the jurisdiction of Mateh Asher Regional Council. In 2017 it had a population of 1,236.[1]


Kibbutz Ein HaMifratz was established in August 1938 by Polish immigrants as part of the tower and stockade settlement enterprise, during the 1936–39 Arab revolt.[2]

According to the Jewish National Fund, upon its founding, Ein HaMifratz was immediately attacked by "Arab gangs".[2] The initial problems facing the settlers were the saltwater swamps and the shifting sands at the mouth of the Na'aman River. The settler originally did mixed farming and fish breeding.[2] By 1947 the kibbutz had a population of 400.[2]

Until the capture of Acre, Ein Hamifratz was a frontline settlement. The settlers were involved in the liberation of the Galilee in November 1948.[2]


Major industries are Yamaton Ltd., a honeycomb paper factory operated jointly with Kibbutz Ga'aton,[3] and IMA, a corrugated cardboard manufacturing company.[4] Ein Hamifratz also operates a fish farm and a shopping mall.

Notable residents[edit]


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