Ein Hatzeva

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Ein Hatzeva
עֵין חֲצֵבָה
EinHatzeva palmtrees.jpg
Ein Hatzeva is located in Israel
Ein Hatzeva
Ein Hatzeva
Coordinates: 30°47′53″N 35°14′48″E / 30.79806°N 35.24667°E / 30.79806; 35.24667Coordinates: 30°47′53″N 35°14′48″E / 30.79806°N 35.24667°E / 30.79806; 35.24667
Council Tamar
Region Arava
Founded 1960
Name meaning Hatzeva Spring

Ein Hatzeva (Hebrew: עֵין חֲצֵבָה, lit. Hatzeva Spring) is a moshav in the central Arava valley in Israel. Located south of the Dead Sea, it falls under the jurisdiction of Tamar Regional Council.

Ein Hatzeva was founded in 1960 as an unaffiliated agriculture farm, and was not recognized by the government. The founders attempted to grow vegetables in the arid Arava area, and the village was recognized upon their success.[1]

It was named after the nearby Hatzeva Spring, which in turn takes its name from the Arabic name, Ayn Husb. The location was mentioned in Greek texts as Eisebon.[1]


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