Ein Ofarim killings

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Ein Ofarim killings
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The attack site
Location Ein Ofarim facility near Hatzeva in Southern Israel
Date September 12, 1956
Attack type
Stabbing attack
Deaths 3 Israelis
Perpetrators Palestinian Fedayeen squad

The Ein Ofarim killings was a terrorist attack which occurred on Wednesday night, 12 September 1956.

The attack[edit]

On Wednesday night, 12 September 1956, a Palestinian Fedayeen squad infiltrated into Israel from Jordan. The militants reached the Ein Ofarim facility near the village Hatzeva where they stabbed to death 3 Druze guardsmen.


  • Nawaf Abu-Ghazi (born 1931)[1]
  • Suleiman Hatoum (born 1931)[2]
  • Rafik Abdullah (born 1933)[3]


The tracks of the perpetrators led to the Jordanian border police station Arendall, which was used by the Jordanian National Guard and the camel mounted commando unit of the Arab Legion.

As a result, Israel made a decision to retaliate in response to the Ein Ofarim killings. The Arendall station was chosen as the destination for the counterattack. 13 Israeli paratroopers participated in the counterattack codenamed Operation Shoshana in which they attacked the fortified Arendall station. During the operation 16 Jordanian soldiers were killed. IDF casualties in the operation included one dead soldier and 12 wounded soldiers. The police station was destroyed.[citation needed]


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