Ein Zivan

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Ein Zivan
עֵין זִיוָן, עין זיוון
Ein Zivan is located in the Golan Heights
Ein Zivan
Ein Zivan
Coordinates: 33°05′47″N 35°47′47″E / 33.09639°N 35.79639°E / 33.09639; 35.79639Coordinates: 33°05′47″N 35°47′47″E / 33.09639°N 35.79639°E / 33.09639; 35.79639
District Northern
Council Golan
Region Golan Heights
Affiliation Kibbutz Movement
Population (2017)[1] 322

Ein Zivan (Hebrew: עֵין זִיוָן‬) is an Israeli settlement and kibbutz in the northern Golan Heights under the jurisdiction of the Golan Regional Council. The international community considers Israeli settlements in the Golan Heights illegal under international law, but the Israeli government disputes this.[2] In 2017 it had a population of 322.[1]


The kibbutz was founded in 1968 by Israeli-born youth from kibbutzim.[3] Later they were joined by Gar'inei Nahal (Nahal core groups) and volunteers from abroad. In the 2000s a community expansion program was open to accommodate families seeking a high quality of life away from urban centers. The population of Ein Zivan today consists thus of kibbutz members (43 families) and residents (40 families).[4] It was the first kibbutz to initiate the process of privatization of common property.


In November 2011 the kibbutz had a population of 83 families (243 people).[4]


Chocolatier Carina Chaplinsky, a new immigrant from Argentina, runs a chocolate business at the kibbutz that includes a factory, a boutique outlet, a workshop and tasting rooms.[5] The Pelter Winery, established in 2002, is also located at Ein Zivan.[6] The winery produced 85,000 bottles in 2010.[7] Winemaker Tal Pelter has been hailed by Haaretz wine critic Daniel Rogov as a "rising star". [8] Ein Zivan also runs a bed and breakfast establishment, Lan BaGolan.[9]

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