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Kvitrafn in concert with Wardruna in 2015
Kvitrafn in concert with Wardruna in 2015
Background information
Birth nameEinar Selvik
Also known asKvitrafn
Born (1979-11-18) 18 November 1979 (age 41)
Bergen, Norway
GenresBlack metal, heavy metal, thrash metal, folk metal pagan
Occupation(s)Drummer, vocalist, guitarist, bassist, keyboardist
InstrumentsDrums, vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards, kravik lyre, bukkehorn, talharpa
Years active1995–present
Associated actsDet Hedenske Folk, Mortify, Bak de Syv Fjell, Gorgoroth, Wardruna, Jotunspor, Sahg, Dead to this World, Faun (band), Kaunan, Skuggsjá

Einar Selvik (born 18 November 1979), also known by his stage name Kvitrafn,[1] is a Norwegian musician known for being the drummer in the black metal band Gorgoroth from 2000 to 2004,[2] and for fronting the Nordic folk project Wardruna, founded in 2002[3] and also including Gorgoroth's ex-vocalist Gaahl. Selvik and Wardruna's soundtrack work for the History Channel television show Vikings has earned him international prominence, and he also appeared as an actor on the show.[4]

On 1 March 2016, A Piece for Mind & Mirror by Skuggsjá, a collaboration between Kvitrafn and Enslaved's Ivar Bjørnson, was announced and streamed. Prepared for the 200th anniversary of the Norwegian Constitution, the album tells the history of Norway, and was released by Season of Mist on 11 March.[5][6]

Selvik has also recorded with other projects including Det Hedenske Folk, Bak de Syv Fjell, Jotunspor, Sahg, Dead to this World and Faun.[7][8] Furthermore, he has worked on the soundtrack for Assassin's Creed Valhalla [9] and with Riot Games for the theme song of "Volibear" a League of Legends characters. [10]

Personal life[edit]

Einar Selvik is an adherent of modern Paganism characterized by animism. In a 2017 interview with Morgenbladet, he talked about his worldview: "I am a strong supporter of individual responsibility. No one died for my sins. This is a slightly pagan body of thought: the gods help those who help themselves. It mirrors that you are your own god, that it is your responsibility how you behave, what you contribute in this world."[11]


With Mortify[edit]

  • Skuggerike demo (1995)

With Bak de Syv Fjell[edit]

  • Rehearsal demo (1996)
  • From Haavardstun EP (1997)

With Gorgoroth[edit]

With Wardruna[edit]

With Jotunspor[edit]

  • Gleipnirs Smeder (2006)

With Sahg[edit]

  • I (2006)
  • Domno Abyssus / Tyrant Empire (single) (2014)

With Dead to this World[edit]

  • First Strike for Spiritual Renewance (2007)

With Jesper Kyd and Sarah Schachner[edit]

As Ivar Bjørnson and Einar Selvik[edit]

  • Skuggsjá (2016)
  • Hugsjá (2018)

As Einar Selvik[edit]

  • Snake Pit Poetry (2017)
  • Volibear, The Relentless Storm (2020) (Single)


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