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Eisenacher Motorenwerk
Industry Automobile and motorcycle manufacture
Founded Circa 1945 Eisenach, German Democratic Republic (East Germany)
Headquarters Eisenach

Eisenacher Motorenwerk (EMW) was an East German manufacturer of automobiles and motorcycles based in Eisenach. EMW also entered Formula One as a constructor in 1953, but participated in only one race, the 1953 German Grand Prix. The car retired after 12 laps with exhaust problems.[1]

Continuing BMW production[edit]

1952-1955 EMW 340, with a redesigned grille

One of the pre-World War II BMW factories was located in Eisenach, which after the war was taken over by the Soviets, since Eisenach was situated in the Soviet occupation zone. The factory continued producing cars and motorcycles under the BMW brand, but after a lawsuit in 1952 they had to change the name to EMW instead. The logotype was also similar, but instead of the blue BMW used, EMW used red.

The Kasernierte Volkspolizei (a paramilitary police branch which preceded the National People's Army) and the succeeding East German armed forces needed vehicles and expressed interest in reviving production of the BMW 325, an unsuccessful wartime off-road Einheits-PKW (standardized passenger vehicle) built by BMW in Eisenach. This was developed into the new EMW 325/3, of which 166 were built in 1952.[2] This remilitarization, however, was in violation of the terms of the Potsdam Conference and led to protests from the West.[3]

New designs[edit]

Later the automobile section of EMW became VEB Automobilwerk Eisenach and built the Wartburg. Motorcycle manufacture ended in the 1950s and was replaced by the AWO 425 built by Simson at Suhl.

An EMW. Note the BMW-like grille.

Complete Formula One World Championship results[edit]

EMW as a Formula One constructor
Official name(s) Eisenacher Motorenwerk
Base Eisenach, East Germany
Formula One World Championship career
Engines EMW 2.0l L6
Entrants Rennkollektiv EMW
First entry 1953 German Grand Prix
Last entry 1953 German Grand Prix
Races entered 1
Race victories 0
Constructors' Championships 0
Pole positions 0
Fastest laps 0

(key) (results in bold indicate pole position; results in italics indicate fastest lap)

Year Chassis Engine Tyres Driver 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Points WCC
East Germany Edgar Barth Ret

* Constructors' Championship not awarded until 1958.


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