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Eisenbahn Cervejas.jpeg
Eisenbahn bottles of beer (355ml) with new labels.
Type Microbrewery
Location Blumenau, Santa Catarina, Brazil
Opened 2002

Eisenbahn is a microbrewery located in Blumenau, Santa Catarina, Brazil. It produces beer and draft beer following the Reinheitsgebot, with a variety of flavours and fermentations. The name (which means railroad, in German) is an analogy to an old railroad station, that was close to the building now used by the company as a bar and beer production base. Eisenbahn was founded in 2002, and is currently owned by Brasil Kirin (formerly known as Schincariol).

Although Eisenbahn is a small brewery they gained most medals of all Brazilian brewers in the past 10 years. At the European Beer Star competition held in Germany in 2009 the brand 'Dunkel' (Engl. dark) received the gold medal. In England 2008, the Eisenbahn brands '5' and 'Kölsch' were elected best beers in the world in the categories Premium Lager and Standard Pale Ale respectively.

Beer flavours[edit]

Name Type Alcoholic grade Fermentation Extra
Pilsen Lager, clear 4,8% Bottom -
Pilsen Natural (organic) Lager, clear 4,8% Bottom Made with organic ingredients.
Dunkel Lager, dark 4,8% Bottom -
Pale Ale Ale, clear 4,8% Top -
Weizenbier Ale, clear 4,8% Top Made with wheat, unfiltered.
Weizenbock Ale, dark 8,0% Top Made with wheat, unfiltered.
Weihnachts Ale Ale, clear 6,3% Top Special beer for Christmas.
Kölsch Ale, clear 4,8% Top Made with barley and wheat malts
Rauchbier Smoked 6,5% Top Smoked, made with imported malt from Bamberg

Other countries[edit]

Exportation to United States has started.

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