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Yeysk Airport
Аэропорт Ейск
Airport type Public
Operator Civil Government
Serves Yeysk, Russia
Coordinates 46°41′01″N 38°12′52″E / 46.6835°N 38.2145°E / 46.6835; 38.2145Coordinates: 46°41′01″N 38°12′52″E / 46.6835°N 38.2145°E / 46.6835; 38.2145
Yeysk Airport is located in Krasnodar Krai
Yeysk Airport
Yeysk Airport

Yeysk Airport (IATA: EIK) is an airport located near the city of Yeysk, Russia.

It was the location of the 959th Bomber Air Regiment, part of the 4th Army of Air Forces and Air Defence. The regiment has now been reorganised as an aviation base, part of the new 4th Command of Air Forces and Air Defence.

Yeysk has a mixed military/civilian airfield (ru:Ейск (аэропорт)), home to the Yeysk Military Institute during the Cold War and the 10th Mixed Aviation Division (4th Air Army) during the 1990s.

After the disbandment of the 10th Mixed Aviation Division the headquarters of the 1st Guards Stalingrad, Svirsky Composite Air Division arrived. Also at the airport based aviation group Yeisk Higher Military Institute, equippedx with planes L-39.

In addition, the 959th Bomber Regiment was previously based at the airfield, which was part of the 1st Guards Composite Air Division. The 959th Bomber Aviation Regiment was previously the 959th Training Aviation Regiment.[1] In September 2009, due to the transfer of the airfield from the Air Force to the Navy, the regiment was disbanded, and its members were part of the aircraft Su-24 relocated to Morozovsk airfield (6970th Air Base, 7th Brigade of Aerospace Defence).

On February 1, 2010, 859th Naval Aviation Training Center under the leadership of Major-General Alexei Serdyuk was open at the airfield. To ensure the educational process training units will be relocated from the Ostrov (air base) (Pskov Oblast) and the village of Kacha. For service center from the previously disbanded and civilian staff will be involved in more than one thousand people.

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Airlines Destinations
Nordavia Moscow-Sheremetyevo


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