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Eisley discography
Studio albums 4
Music videos 7
EPs 10

The discography of Eisley, an American rock band from Tyler, Texas. Eisley is composed of Sherri DuPree-Bemis (vocals, guitar), Stacy DuPree-King (vocals, keyboard), Chauntelle DuPree D'Agostino (guitar, vocals), Weston DuPree (drums) and Garron DuPree (bass guitar). They have released three studio albums, ten EPs, and seven music videos. In addition, they have appeared on numerous compilation albums and have recorded many tracks that were never officially released.


Chart Positions
Year Album Chart positions
Billboard 200
Top Heatseekers
US Alternative Albums
US Indie
US Rock Albums
2005 Room Noises[2]
  • Released February 8, 2005
  • Label: Reprise
189 6 - -
2007 Combinations[3]
  • Released August 14, 2007
  • Label: Reprise
70 23 - 23 10
2011 The Valley[4] 80 15 12 20 -
2013 Currents 66 - 17 11 22 -
2017 I'm Only Dreaming[5] - - - - - -


Release date Title Label
2000 EP1 Self-released
2002 EP2
2003 Laughing City Record Collection
2003 Marvelous Things E.P. Reprise
2005 Telescope Eyes E.P.
Head Against The Sky E.P.
2006 Final Noise E.P.
2007 Like the Actors E.P.
2009 Fire Kite E.P. Sire
2012 Deep Space E.P. Equal Vision

Music videos[edit]

Release date Song Director
2004 Marvelous Things Philip Andelman
I Wasn't Prepared (Earlier Version) Boyd DuPree
2005 Telescope Eyes
I Wasn't Prepared Marvin Jarrett
2007 Invasion Miranda Penn
Memories Cory Sheldon
2011 Smarter Chris Phelps
The Valley Cory Sheldon
2013 Currents Darren King

Independent recordings[edit]

Eisley's early independent recordings have been confusing for new fans. The track listings are:

  • EP1 – "Pretender", "Dream for Me", "Blackened Crown"
  • EP2 version 1 – "Telescope Eyes", "Over the Mountains We Go", "Head Against the Sky"
  • EP2 version 2 – Version 1 plus "Dream for Me" and "Blackened Crown"
  • EP2 version 3 – Version 2 plus "Mister Pine" and "Laughing City"

Eisley simply added the best of each EP and carried them forward. None of these recordings was released officially but sold at hundreds of shows between 1999 and 2003. EP2 version 3 contains all of the songs from the previous versions, including EP1, except for "Pretender." All songs on the independent recordings are owned by Eisley and they have generously allowed their fans to offer them for download from various places on the web.

Other songs[edit]

Like most bands, Eisley has recorded many old songs and B-sides that have yet to make it onto any of their CDs. Many live recordings of these are available on fan websites. Some have been re-recorded and released on the iTunes Exclusive EPs. Others are only available via fan websites and file sharing networks.

Some Eisley songs have had difficulty being released. A song titled "Sun Feet" was supposed to be released on Atticus: ...dragging the lake, Vol. 4, but the compilation album's release date has since passed with no sign of the CD; Boyd DuPree has said that the CD will no longer happen. A version of the song was released on August 14 on a limited edition EP sold at various indie record stores along with Combinations, but this version was not approved by the band and is not the version produced by Rob Schnapf or Mike Mogis. The "proper version" of Sunfeet was finally released on December 18, 2007, on the Like the Actors E.P..

In 2006, a group of songs, collectively known as "The Baby", was placed onto the internet by an unknown person who acquired them through illicit means. These songs were not finished and were never intended to be released. The band has asked its fans not to share these songs.

Eisley has released exclusive songs on their website during the holidays. These songs include covers of Walking In Air, O Come Emmanuel, Oh Holy Night, White Christmas, and Sherri's alternate arrangement of White Christmas known as White Christmas Nightmare.[6]

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