Eitbar Hussain Bartar

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Eitbar Hussain Bartar
ChildrenNamdar Hussain, Barkarar Hussain and Shandar Hussain.


Eitbar Hussain Bartar was born in Khairabad in April 1889. He was a Magestate of lashkar (Gwalior). He was also a great a philosopher, a poet, a religious scholar of Khairabad in India. After the retirement of majestate he writes many poets and nazms. He was a son of great Indian Urdu Poet Muztar Khairabadi, and his brothers is Jan Nisar Akhtar and Yadgar Hussain Nashtar. Nephews are Javed Akhtar poet, lyricist and script writer in Bollywood, Salman Akhtar.

His sons are :-

  • Namdar Hussain (Khanjar Khairabadi)
  • Barkarar hussain (Sagar)
  • Shandar Hussain (Arshi)

His grandsons are Farhan Akhtar, Mohammad Taheer Ahmad, Syed Urooj Ahmad, Syed Razdar Hussain (Dilbar), Kabir Akhtar, Syed Suroor Ahmad, Syed Shaoor Ahmad, Syed Touseef Ahmad, Syed Zubair Ahmad, Musheer Ahmed and Dabeer Ahmad.

New Generation of Eitbar Hussain Bartar[edit]

His great-grand sons (New Generation) are Syed Vaqar Ahmad ,Syed Masroor Ahmad Bilal Ahmad, Tawqeer Ahmed, Naved Ahmed, Owais Ahmed, Saood Ahmad, Mohammad Maaz Rizvi and Muawwaz Ahmad Rizvi.