Eitel Friedrich III, Count of Hohenzollern

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Eitel Friedrich III, Count of Hohenzollern
Zollern-Eitelfriedrich III-1561.jpg
Portrait Eitel Friedrich III by Joseph Weiß, on display in the Museum of Sigmaringen
Spouse(s) Johanna of Witthem
Noble family House of Hohenzollern
Father Eitel Friedrich II, Count of Hohenzollern
Mother Magdalena of Brandenburg
Born 1494
Died 15 January 1525(1525-01-15)
Buried Cathedral of Pavia

Eitel Friedrich III, Count of Hohenzollern (1494 – 15 January 1525 in Pavia) was Count of County of Hohenzollern from 1512 until his death.


Eitel Friedrich was a son of Count Eitel Friedrich II (1452–1512) from his marriage to Magdalena (1460 -1496), the daughter of Margrave Friedrich of Altmark. Eitel Friedrich succeeded his father as Count of Hohenzollern in 1512.

In 1515, he married Johanna of Witthem (d. 1544), the daughter of Philip, Lord of Beersel and Boutersem.

Eitel Friedrich III was top councillor and great chamberlain to Emperor Maximilian I, which demonstrates that he, like his father before him, had excellent relations with the Habsburgs. He was also Imperial Archchamberlain and captain of the Lordship of Hohenberg.

He died in Pavia in 1525; he may have been poisoned. He was in Pavia to serve as captain of the Landsknecht regiment. He was buried in the Cathedral of Pavia.


His marriage Eitel Friedrich had the following children:

  • Karl I (1516–1576), his successor as Count of Hohenzollern, married in 1537 to Margravine Anna of Baden-Durlach (1512–1579)
  • Ferfried (died young)
  • Anna (d. 1574)
  • Margaret (died young)
  • Eitel Friedrich, (d. 1544), fell during the Siege of St. Dizier
  • Felix Friedrich (d. 1550)
  • Johanna (d. 1550), married in 1539 to Baron James III, Seneschal of Waldburg-Trauchburg (1512–1542)


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Eitel Friedrich III, Count of Hohenzollern
Born: 1494
Preceded by
Eitel Friedrich II
Count of Hohenzollern
Succeeded by
Karl I