Eizi Matuda

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Eizi Matuda
Eizi Matuda.JPG
Bust of Eizi Matuda in the botanical garden of the Cosmovitral.
ResidenceJapan, Mexico
Alma mater
Spouse(s)Miduho Kaneko de Matuda
Scientific career

Eiji Matsuda (松田英二, Matsuda Eiji) (1894–1978) was a Mexican botanist of Japanese origin. In scholarly works his name is generally romanised as "Eizi Matuda" following the "Kunrei" system.


Matuda and his wife, Miduho Kaneko de Matuda, were naturalized Mexican citizens and had five Mexico-born children.[1]


In 1956, a species of cactus native to Mexico was named in his honor, the Mammillaria matudae. The genus Matudina in the sunflower family is also named in his honor.[2]

Two species and one subspecies of reptiles are named in his honor: Abronia matudai (Matuda's arboreal alligator lizard), Anolis matudai (Matuda's anole), and Pseudelaphe flavirufa matudai (Matuda's ratsnake).[3] Two frogs are named after him: Craugastor matudai (Matuda's robber frog) and Plectrohyla matudai (Matuda's spikethumb frog).[4]


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