Ejin Banner

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Ejin Banner
ᠡᠴᠠᠨ᠎ᠠ ᠬᠤᠰᠢᠭᠤ
Chinese transcription(s)
Country China
Province Inner Mongolia
Prefecture Alxa
 • Total 114,606 km2 (44,250 sq mi)
Population (2004)
 • Total 20,000
Time zone China Standard (UTC+8)

Ejin or Éjìnà (Mongolian: ᠡᠵᠡᠨ᠎ᠡ ᠬᠣᠰᠢᠭᠤ Ejen-e qosiɣu; simplified Chinese: 额济纳; traditional Chinese: 額濟納; pinyin: Éjǐnà) is a banner of Inner Mongolia, China. It is under the administration of Alxa League. Its seat is located at Dalainhob Town (达拉呼布镇).


Ejin Banner is the westernmost banner of Inner Mongolia. It is located in the Gobi Desert and borders on Mongolia in the north, Gansu Province in the southwest, and Alxa Right Banner in the southeast.

Ejin Banner takes its name from the Ejin River, also known as Ruo Shui, which flows from the Qilian Mountains of Gansu, and whose two distributaries terminate in Juyan Lake Basin within Ejin banner. Most of the banner's population resides in this river's valley.


Ejin Banner is served by the Jiayuguan–Ceke and the Linhe–Ceke railways, which are primarily used to haul coal that has been trucked from Nariin Sukhait mining complex in Mongolia to Ceke and is loaded on trains at the coal terminals there. Passenger service exists on this railway (as of 2015, one train a day from Ejin to Huhhot.[1]

There is also a railway south to both sites (northern and southern) of Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center, which are also located within Ejin Banner.

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Coordinates: 41°44′44″N 100°19′05″E / 41.7456°N 100.318°E / 41.7456; 100.318