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Ekşi Sözlük
Ekşi Sözlük logo.png
Screenshot of the main page
Available in Turkish
Owner Ekşi Teknoloji ve Bilişim A.Ş.
Created by Sedat "ssg" Kapanoğlu
Website www.eksisozluk.com
Commercial Yes
Registration Required
Launched 15 February 1999
Current status Active

Ekşi Sözlük (Turkish pronunciation: [ecˈʃi søzˈlyc]; "Sour Dictionary") is a collaborative hypertext "dictionary" based on the concept of Web sites built up on user contribution.[1] However, Ekşi Sözlük is not a dictionary in the strict sense; users are not required to write correct information. It is currently one of the largest online communities in Turkey with over 400,000 registered users.[2] The number of writers is about 54,000. As an online public sphere, Ekşi Sozluk is not only utilized by thousands for information sharing on various topics ranging from scientific subjects to everyday life issues, but also used as a virtual socio-political community to communicate disputed political contents and to share personal views.[3]

The website's founder is Sedat Kapanoğlu. He founded the website for communicating with his friends in 1999 as he was inspired by The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.[4][5] Ekşi Sözlük has been successful, many other websites that use this concept has emerged, like İTÜ Sözlük in Turkish.[6]

Enrollment periods to the dictionary and the criteria of acceptance are changeable.[7] Ekşi Sözlük does not accept new authors regularly; there are specific times in which new authors are accepted. There is a waiting period for new members who want to become authors in which they must post at least 10 entries. All entries are inspected according to the dictionary rules and their quality, and if they are pass inspection, the new user becomes an author. However, this process might take from months to years.

Newcomer, Newcomer awaiting approval, Registered reader, Praetors, and Hacivat are some of the user roles in Eksi Sozluk.[7]

Since there are no restrictions on entries, moderators and informers are responsible for catching and deleting any inappropriate entry. Informers are usually the older generation authors who report any bad content to moderators for examination. If the moderators find the entries inappropriate, they are deleted.

Site statistics[8] are updated on daily basis. There are 300 to 400 posts on average for each author. More than half of the authors are at the age of 18–25 and the number of male users is two times more than of those females.


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