Bangaru Bullodu

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Bangaru Bullodu
Bangaru Bullodu (1993 film).jpg
VCD Cover
Directed by Ravi Raja Pinisetty
Produced by V. B. Rajendra Prasad
Written by Satya Murthy
(screenplay / dialogues)
Story by Padma Kumar
Starring Nandamuri Balakrishna
Raveena Tandon
Ramya Krishna
Music by Raj-Koti
Cinematography Sarath
Edited by Gautham Raju
Jagapathi Art Pictures
Release date
  • 3 September 1993 (1993-09-03)
Running time
143 minutes
Country India
Language Telugu
Budget 4 crore (US$620,000)

Bangaru Bullodu is 1993 Telugu drama film produced by V. B. Rajendra Prasad on Jagapathi Art Pictures banner, directed by Ravi Raja Pinisetty. The film stars Nandamuri Balakrishna, Raveena Tandon and Ramya Krishna in the lead roles and music composed by Raj-Koti. It marks Raveena Tandon's first venture in Telugu cinema. The film released the same day Nippu Ravva, which also starred Balakrishna. The film recorded as Hit at the box office.[1]


Bala Krishna / Balaiah (Nandamuri Balakrishna) is a villager who fights against his maternal uncle Ramadasu (Rao Gopal Rao), an arrogant devotee of the Hindu god Rama who always says that Rama told him to do all his schemes. His daughter Rani (Ramya Krishna) is Balaiah's cousin who loves Balaiah so much and is willing to do anything for him. She beats up any young girl who even goes near Balaiah. This is when Balaiah meets Priya (Raveena Tandon), a teenage girl who is Balaiah's other cousin from the city along with Tulasamma (Srividya), Priya's caretaker. He falls in love with Priya as this outrages Rani and she begins to feel jealous. Rani and Priya challenge each other that if Priya can make Balaiah fall in love with him, Rani should apologize for her misbehavior and forget about Balaiah. If Priya fails, she should leave the village. Balaiah proposes to Priya which she accepts, although not really loving him. One day Priya takes the challenge too far when Balaiah is bitten by a poisonous snake because she asks him to get a ring from that snake on purpose. This is when she reveals that she really wasn't in love with him. This angers Balaiah who ties the mangalasutra considering them wife and husband. Though Balaiah doesn't love her anymore and he only tied it to show her not to mess with people's lives. This becomes a huge deal around the village. Balaiah's mother Annapurnamma (Annapurna) tries to reunite the couple along with Rani, who inside is extremely disappointed for not marrying Balaiah. When Priya is attacked by a bunch of goons one day, Balaiah saves her and Priya falls in love with him. However, Balaiah still doesn't love her or consider her as his wife. Priya moves in Balaiah's home with Annapurnamma's acceptance. One day when a man tries to shoot Priya, he questions why a group of assassins are after her. Tulasamma then reveals Priya's dark past. Tulasamma is really a police officer who was a colleague and friend of Priya's brother-in-law DIG Benarjee (Devan). Benarjee kills Nana's (Devaraj) brother and arrests Nana. Nana who is a powerful terrorist seeks revenge by killing Benarjee and his family. Priya is the only one who survives but Nana is in search of her while still in jail. In order for her to be safe, the police hide her in Nana's hometown since people barely know it and that Nana will never figure out she's there. It is also revealed that Priya is not Balaiah's cousin, they used him so that no one knows about this. Balaiah then starts loving Priya and promises to protect her from Nana. Meanwhile, Nana finds out that Priya is in his hometown and escapes from jail. Balaiah kills Nana and the film ends with Balaiah's first night with Priya and she arguing with Rani about who gives him a glass of milk.



Bangaru Bullodu
Bangaru Bullodu (Audio).jpg
Film score by Raj-Koti
Released 1993
Genre Soundtrack
Length 32:19
Label Lahari Music
Producer Raj-Koti
Raj-Koti chronology
Muta Mestri
Bangaru Bullodu
Mechanic Alludu

Music composed by Raj-Koti. All songs are blockbusters. Music released on Lahari Music Company.

No. Title Lyrics Singer(s) Length
1. "Gudivada Gummaro" Bhuvanachandra SP Balu, Chitra 6:24
2. "Ennetlo Chapesi" Veturi Sundararama Murthy SP Balu, Chitra 4:54
3. "Thathiginathom" Bhuvanachandra Mano, Chitra, Minmini 5:02
4. "Swathilo Muthyamantha" Veturi Sundararama Murthy SP Balu, Chitra 5:10
5. "Manasu Aagadu" Veturi Sundararama Murthy SP Balu, S. P. Sailaja 5:51
Total length: 32:19



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