Ek Nanad Ki Khushiyon Ki Chaabi… Meri Bhabhi

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Ek Nanad Ki Khushiyon Ki Chaabi...Meri Bhabhi
Image Of Ek Nanad Ki Khushiyon Ki Chaabi...Meri Bhabhi
Also known as'Meri Bhabhi'
GenreSoap opera
Created byDJ's Creative Unit
Written byZama Habib
Directed bySiddharth Sengupta
Sahib Siddiqui
K. Mohit Kumar Jha Abhimanyu RS Chauhan
StarringSee Below
Theme music composerRaju Singh
Country of originIndia
Original language(s)Hindi
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes225
Producer(s)Tony Singh
Deeya Singh
Editor(s)Santosh Singh
Munna Prajapati
Running timeApprox. 24 minutes
Production company(s)DJ's Creative Unit
Original networkStar Plus
Picture format576i (SDTV)
1080i (HDTV)
Original releaseJune 17, 2013 (2013-06-17) –
April 12, 2014 (2014-04-12)
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Ek Nanad Ki Khushiyon Ki Chaabi... Meri Bhabhi (English: The key to a girl's happiness... My sister-in-law [brother's wife]) or simply Meri Bhabhi (My brother's wife) was an Indian television soap opera which aired on Star Plus.[1][2][3] The show premiered on 17 June 2013.[4] The show outlines the bond of love between the nanad (the sister of one's husband) and bhabhi (the wife of one's brother) of the Shergill family. The show went off air on 12 April 2014, replaced by another soap opera Ek Hasina Thi.

Plot summary[edit]

Shraddha, the only daughter of Col. Zorwar Shergil has married Bobby against her families wish. Shraddha is now in Mumbai with her son dhruv & she is only in touch with Kittu aka Krithika her elder brother Anand's wife from her family. One day from there casual phone conversation kittu recognize that Shraddha is facing some problem which she is not willing to share with anyone. upon Kittu's request Anand visits Shraddha surprisingly in Mumbai. Anand is shocked to learn that Bobby has left Shraddha & Dhruv for money & Shraddha is struggling to led her life. Upon kittu's advice Anand brings Shraddha & Dhruv back home in Delhi. With the help of Kittu, Anand, Jas ( Anand's friend & Lawyer) & Kittu's elder brother Kunal Shraddha gets a divorce from Bobby. Shraddha begins to fall in love with Kritika's brother Kunal. Kritika's mother, Kamini tried to pull Shraddha and Kunal apart as she doesn't want a divorcee & a single mother women as her daughter in law & she is under the impression that Shraddha is trying to steal Kunal away from her.

When Shraddha realizes that Kunal likes her she thinks that it's not too late to begin a new life and love someone. Both of them are trying to tackle the obstacles like family, societal views. Kunal and Shraddha decide to elope with Kittu's help but their families reach on the spot and Zorawar asks Shraddha to either go to Kunal or come to him. Shraddha leaving Kunal heartbroken went to her father which further worsen's Anand and Kittu's relationship as Anand decides to break all ties with Kittu. Kunal has also lost trust on Shraddha. Kittu decides to go home only if she gains back the trust and respect for herself by Anand.

When both Shraddha and Kunal feel sad and sorry for Kittu and Anand, they meet up and decide to lie to Anand that Kittu is pregnant, hoping that both reunite. Anand is skeptical about this at first, then realizes that Kittu is probably pregnant. Anand takes good care of Kittu and all is well. However, when playing with Dhruv, Kittu hides in Anand's car trunk. Anand, not realizing that Kittu is in the trunk, goes to Jaipur for a meeting. Halfway there, Anand notices that the trunk is open, so he stops the car and finds Kittu. They both go to Jaipur, but Kittu shows she wants to go back home. Anand reluctantly send her back. On the way home, the car's engine overheats. Not sure what to do, Kittu calls up Anand, who is busy and shouts at Kittu. Kittu then calls Shraddha (and Kunal is with her) that she is stuck on the road. Both Shraddha and Kunal go together to get Kittu. They both go far past Kittu, however, Anand has reached Kittu, and they come back home. While Shraddha and Kunal start to go back home, an accident occurs, and they both go to a lodge.

However, during the night, a police raid occurs. All go to the police station, and are then put in jail, for they were both listed as married in the hotel. Shraddha calls up Kittu, and Kunal calls up his dad. Both come to the police station by early morning. Kittu asks why Shraddha was with Kunal, and Shraddha decides to tell Kittu that she lied to Anand that Kittu was pregnant. When Shraddha and Kittu go back home, they find that Anand has told everyone that Kittu was prenant and they secretly planned a surprise party. Kittu then tells Anand that she is not pregnant. In rage, Anand tells Kittu that she doesn't deserve Anand's trust. Kittu goes to her room while Anand goes to Jas, his friend. Jas tells Anand what really happened - that Kittu had no fault.

Anand realizes what he has done. When he comes back in the morning, the family finds out that Kittu is missing. Everyone becomes worried, especially Anand. They all go searching for Kittu. Later, Anand finds Kittu about to commit suicide. Anand then tells Kittu that he loves her, pacifying her that he would never do it again. Both come back home, to the joy of everyone. However, Kunal sincerely apologizes to Zor and Amrit and tells them it was his idea and therefore his fault. He has Kittu and Anand promise that they should never leave each other's sides in turn for breaking up with Shraddha, who agrees.But in latter part shraddha and kunal got married but kamini dislikes it at the end all becomes good. Kittu gets pregnant and show ends.


Main Cast[edit]

Recurring Cast[edit]

  • Kanwaljit Singh as 'Col' Zorawar Shergill, Shraddha & Anand's father (2013–14)
  • Supriya Pilgaonkar as Amrit Zorawar Shergill, Shraddha & Anand's mother (2013–14)
  • Abhishek Bajaj as Ishaan Zorawar Shergill, Shraddha's brother (2013–14)
  • Karaan Singh as Ashish Zorawar Shergill, Shraddha's brother, Jaya's husband (2013–14)
  • Priyanka Singh as Jaya Ashish Shergill, Shraddha's Bhabhi, Ashish's wife (2013–14)
  • Madhura Naik as Jaspreet/Jas, Anand's lawyer (2014)
  • Rohit Sagar as Purushottam Shrivastav, Kriitka & Kunal's father (2013–14)
  • Shweta Gautam as Kamini Shrivastav, Kritika & Kunal's mother (2013–14)
  • Uzair Basar as Dhruv Kunal Shrivastav, Shraddha & Bobby's son (2013–14)
  • Bharat Chawda as Bobby Sood, Shraddha's ex-husband, Dhruv's real father (2013–14)
  • Mansi Sharma as Chayya

Guest Stars[edit]


Year Award Category Nominee Result
2014 Star Parivaar Awards Favourite Bahu Esha Kansara Nominated
Favourite Pita Kanwaljit Singh Nominated


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