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Ecclesia (Greek: ἐκκλησία ekklēsia) may refer to:


  • Ecclesia (ancient Greece) or Ekklēsia, the principal assembly of ancient Greece during its Golden Age
  • Ecclesia (Sparta), the citizens' assembly of Sparta, often wrongly called apella
  • The Greek and Latin term for the Christian Church as a whole
  • Ekklesia (think tank), a British think tank examining the role of religion in public life
  • Ecclesia College, a four-year Christian work college in Springdale, Arkansas
  • Ekklesia Project, an ecumenical Christian network to promote a more active and God-centered faith
  • Qahal or Ekklesia, a theocratic organisational structure in ancient Israelite society


  • Ecclesia Dei, a statement or motu proprio issued by Pope John Paul II in 1988
  • Ecclesiae Regimen, a reformation declaration against the Church in England of the Late Middle Ages
  • Ecclesia and Synagoga, a pair of figures personifying the Roman Catholic Church and the Jewish synagogue found in medieval Christian art
  • Church militant and church triumphant (ecclesia militans, ecclesia triumphans), Christians who are living on earth and those who are in heaven
  • Mater Ecclesiae, a monastery inside Vatican City
  • Mother Church (Latin Mater Ecclesiae), a reference to the Roman Catholic Church, or to other Christian churches or movements
  • Nea Ekklesia, a church built by Byzantine Emperor Basil I the Macedonian in Constantinople between the years 876–80
  • Christian Church, the whole Christian religious tradition throughout history
  • Congregation is a large gathering of people, often for the purpose of worship.
  • In the sociological classifications of religious movements, a religion less pervasive in a society than a church but more so than a sect

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